CCTV Systems

 Several police forces are now making it a condition of licence applications that pubs install security cameras to record customersFruit Machine Supplier' movements  

There are certain key aspects that your CCTV system will need if you are to keep the local police and licensing authorities happy. They will want areas of the premises that can not been seen from the bar covered by CCTV cameras. They will almost certainly want a door entry CCTV camera that is going to give recognition specification images.

Fruit Machine SupplierThe system will need to store recorded images for at least 30 days and for pubs at a minimum frame rate of 6fps or for what the police may specify has Hi Risk locations at real time rates of 25fps. You may want to have some CCTV cameras outside to cover car parking areas, or you may want a CCTV till camera or even a CCTV covert camera to say cover cellar, stores or the bar. Most pubs have either a 4, 8 or 16 camera system with the recorder unit itself in the landlord's flat.  A second monitor mounted behind the bar is useful as a deterrent and also to assist the bar staff in 'keeping an eye on what's going on'

Low lighting environments internally and externally are a common factor that needs consideration in pubs, we have a range of low lux (lighting) level digital cameras and infra-red day/night cameras which have proven extremely effective in these demanding conditions.

Our CCTV systems come complete with CCTV cameras, DVR, Monitor all cables, power supplies etc. The final price will obviously depend on your exact requirements.

Please call Jamie  on (01793) 528505 so we can help you design and specify your system and give you a very competitive package price

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