Income Management


Change your machines regularly....


   AWP’s, Gaming machines, Videos and Pin-Tables have a short life because player appeal diminishes over a period of time as new models with new features come on to the market. Once player appeal drops off, so does your income! Generally every machine, except Juke-boxes and Pool-tables need to be changed at least three times a year, sometimes more often. We do of course offer this change-over service.

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   Also, if required, a collector can visit you either weekly or fortnightly to empty and record the take of each individual machine during that period.  This information is then put on computer so that we have an up-to-date record of each machine’s performance. The computer is programmed to alert us once the take falls below a certain level. We will then replace the machine with another model.


   We use the Industry Standard 'AM-Ais' system - a computer system specially designed to enable us to get the very best performance from amusement machines covering accounts, service, income trends, management and of course, all our staff are fully trained to use it....

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