Service Comes First.........


Fruit Machine Supplier Swindon

  • Breakdowns - If you do have a problem, our usual turnaround is within 2 hours of your call. (Service hours 8:30am to 10:00pm, every day of the year except Christmas Day!)
  • Service comes first - In a recent survey carried out among the Free Trade, Licensees put service as their number one priority, with rental terms coming ninth. Speed of service is absolutely crucial, as the income you lose through machine breakdowns can be substantial. We being virtually ‘on your doorstep’ can offer, what we feel is the finest service available, with engineers ‘on the road’ and in contact via mobile phone every day of the year except Christmas Day.
  • Change your machines regularly - AWP’s, Gaming machines, Videos and Pin-Tables have a short life because player appeal diminishes over a period of time as new models with new features come on to the market. Once player appeal drops off, so does your income! Generally every machine, except Juke-boxes and Pool-tables need to be changed at least three times a year, sometimes more often. We do of course offer this change-over service.


For further information, please e-mail or call us on (01793) 528505.