Having been in the trade as long as we haveFruit Machine Supplier, we've seen every fad and phase for leisure equipment. Some great and some not so great.  We believe that this gives us an insight into what would work well for an individual site.

  • All pieces of equipment are available on either a simple income-sharing basis or various rental terms depending on the type of equipment required.
  • Don’t select by rent - Rentals can vary quite considerably between similar, even apparently identical machines. This may reflect differences in the age of the machine - one may be brand new, the other reconditioned.    There may also be differences in the level of service offered by other operators
  • Never chose a machine on the basis of rental alone. What counts at the end of the day is not the rent you pay for the machine but the income it earns you!

Our Equipment

We recognise that both our interests are identical  - accordingly we will always recommend the machine which gives us both the greatest return...... and as soon as the take starts to drop off, rest assured that we will be round to change the machine.

 If you would like any further information we will be more than pleased to call and see you and perhaps give you a firm quotation for your specific requirements or maybe just a general ‘chat’ about the industry, either way, we will be pleased to meet you.

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For further information, please e-mail or call us on (01793) 528505.