MGD, Licensing and the Law

Ensuring you have the right licence and / or permit for the equipment and your premises is vital. The licensing process can be quite confusing and often frustrating at times. To ensure that all our customers are correctly licenced we will gladly advise you of your requirements and in many cases, can apply for the licence on your behalf!

Austin Leisure are fully licensed and hold a Section 27 Gaming Licence, issuElectrical Services in Swindoned by the Gambling Commission, so we are happy to help you with all queries about all types of Coin operated equipment and what best suits your venue etc.
 We are also registered as 'Agents' for the new MGD (Machine Games Duty), so after you have registered, you can appoint us as your 'Agent' for all MGD matters.  As a service to our customers, we will, if you wish, carry out your MGD registration for you, act as agents and complete all your quarterly returns, collect and pay over the MGD on your behalf - very few machine operators will offer this service - we do and it's all FREE OF CHARGE!

Please note - You (or us) will need to apply for MGD registration before we can install any machines (AWP's or SWP's)

Registration is very straightforward and can be done ‘on-line’ - If you have any problems, we can help talk you through the registration process (or even do it for you!)  -  see the MGD-registration-guide.pdf for 'step by step' instructions if you wish to do it yourself.
Information you'll need to hand before you register:
  •  The type of business you run
  •  The number of machines you have
  •  Business address (including correspondence address)
  •  Other references, for example National Insurance Number (NINO), Unique Trader Reference (UTR) or VAT Registration Number (VRN) where appropriate
Once HMRC has accepted and processed your application, you'll be placed on the MGD register, and receive your MGD registration number. You'll be able to view it online and a copy will be sent to you in the post.
If you prefer not to use an online system, you'll be able to download the registration form from our downloads section and send it to HMRC by post although registering on-line is very simple and the preferred option
Once you have registered, you can (if you wish), appoint us as your ‘agent’ for your MGD affairs, but you have to register first and then appoint us. From then on, we can submit your returns and make the necessary payments on your behalf.
To appoint us as your agent, we will submit a request online to HMRC (we must have your MGD registration number first) and they will then issue you (usually by post within 7 days) an 'authorisation code' which you give to us and from then on, we will handle everything
Please do not delay this registration process as businesses that do not apply for registration may be liable to a penalty of up to 100% of the tax due.Fruit Machine Supplier


 If you would like to talk to us further to discuss licensing, you and the law, please call us on 01793 528505.


"We take the complexity out of compliance"